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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We leave tomorrow (June 21)

To try and explain the past week would be impossible. Let me just over-view for histories sake-
It started out with last Tuesday and getting our Embassy appointment, but through some confusion, a request was made on our behalf to change it. Then that request was cancelled at our request, but we didn't hear for two days what date had been confirmed. After two days of me asking when we should be in what city, and no answer, I just started making hotel and flight arrangements on Saturday. Website for hotel in Nanchang was down all weekend. After trying six times to get Air China website to accept our credit card I finally gave up and got the tickets through Travelocity on first try. Monday morning finally got on website for first hotel in Nanchang and got a room.
Then Tuesday morning got an e-mail from local adoption agency with information for travel that had completely different dates. So many phone calls and e-mails went by to make a new plan.
So here we are last day before travel and everything seems to be set for the moment.

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