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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Wrap-up

Last week we got our finger prints done for the USCIS Visa Application. Both Yvonne and I have now completed the required pre-adoption training.
I think we have all paperwork completed... At least as I have reviewed it with Dawn via e-mail, it seems we are done.
Next on the list is passports for me (renew) and the kids. We have the photos, and I have the applications completed, it is just a matter of all of us getting time together (When the acceptance facility is open) to apply in person. They don't make it easy getting the kids passports. Both parents have to appear together, in person with the kids!

Next, or I should say continuing efforts, are to work on raising funds to make this happen. Yvonne has been researching and completing adoption grants and adoption loan applications for the past month.

We have been fortunate enough to have linked up with Wild Olive Tee's. This web site provides a method for families to raise funds for their adoption through the purchase of Christian/adoption themed t-shirts. They do all the set up and take care of all the details, leaving the family to work on the many other aspects of the adoption. We will get up to $10 for each t-shirt that is purchased... So please check back and buy a t-shirt!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

USCIS First Step

We got our notification in the mail today that the USCIS received our application and scheduled us to have our finger prints done on Feb 24.